Pimping a Prema 5017 7.5-digit DMM or can we?
Author: Dipl.-Ing. André Bülau
Created: 30 May 2022 DMM Modification experiment with new Analog Devices ADR1399KHZ low-noise voltage reference

ESI Standard Capacitor teardown
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 30 May 2022 Look inside of old ESI SC10 and SC1000 standard capacitors

Power supplies for voltage references, Part 1
Author: Dipl.-Ing. André Bülau
Created: 28 March 2022 Practical designs and theory behind high-isolation DC/DC power converters for metrology applications.

LTZ1000CH voltage reference - A simplified version of Wavetek/Fluke 7000
Author: Dipl.-Ing. André Bülau
Created: 12 March 2022 Alternative design of solid-state LTZ1000 DC voltage standard, inspired by Wavetek 7000 reference circuit.

DIY 10kΩ reference resistor
Author: Dipl.-Ing. André Bülau
Created: 21 February 2022 Precision DIY 10000 Ohm resistance standard build with temperature compensation network.

Mounting D-shaped circular connectors on panels
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 28 November 2021 Methods and hardware to make D-shaped holes for binding posts and similar connectors.

Peek inside 53-year old voltage standard
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 19 September 2021 A quick teardown of Weston-cell based heated voltage standard from Guildline.

Nanovolt design challenge : Build your own open-source nanovolt-grade DCV meter…
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 02 September 2021 Join the friendly contest challenge with your open-hardware nanovoltmeter project and a chance to get unique 10.00000 VDC QVR-A reference.

Guildline 6675A/6623 resistance bridge system and experiments
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 16 August 2021 Review and experiments with ultra-precision direct-current comparator bridge.

HP/Agilent 66** series system DC power supplies
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 29 March 2021 Overview and benchmarks of 66**A series precision linear DC power supplies from HP and Agilent.

Large DIY environmental chamber for DMM/T&M gear testing
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 21 February 2021 Low-cost precision thermal/environmental chamber design and build worklog.

Tale 2 : eBay LTZ1000A reference modules and caveats
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 23 December 2020 Recent experience with buying two LTZ1000A-based modules from eBay.

Modification for Fluke 8508A DMM, DIY Option 001
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Created: 23 December 2020 Adding rear 5-way terminals to 8½-digit Fluke 8508A DMM for ratiometric and scanner functionality.

Fluke 510A AC standard, or how to calibrate HP/Agilent 34401A for ACV ranges
Created: 13 December 2020 Experiments for calibrating HP/Agilent 34401A for AC Voltage and Fluke 510A standard review/mods.

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